Behind the Scenes…A New Look for the Department

For the past fortnight we’ve all been busy re-organising the layout of the public area and creating more space in the stacks, strongrooms and offices thanks to help from our South West Heritage Trust colleagues from both Exeter and Taunton.

Here are few before images of the public area:

The first few days saw all the books packed away for safe keeping, the pictures taken off the walls, furniture moved away from the walls all in preparation for redecorating.

Then the hard work began, everything had to be moved to their new locations, including the microfiche and film readers, the book shelves, card index drawers, computers and map cabinets.


After two weeks of hard work we’re still putting books back on shelves, reconnecting computers, working out where our new tables and chairs are going to end up and more besides!

Behind the scenes the Record Office have been installing extra shelves in the strongroom and creating more work space for volunteers.


We on the other hand have taken the opportunity to re-organise the office and our own workspace. The stationary cupboard has never looked so tidy!

We re-open at 10 am Wednesday 2nd November – come and see how it has all come together…

…Barum Athena

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