A Look Back at 2016

It has been a year of change for the North Devon Athenaeum, we’ve said goodbye to a long-standing colleague from the North Devon Record Office and hello to a new member of the Record Office team, Tyler. There have also been some big changes in the way the department looks and how we operate. The biggest change has been in our opening hours going from four days a week to three. New searchroom rules have also been implemented bringing the department inline with Record Offices across the country.


It also gave us the opportunity to meet and work with members of staff from the Somerset Record Office based in Taunton and Devon Record Office in Exeter.

We held our first training session for staff, volunteers and Directors in February during our stocktaking fortnight and in March we welcomed Alex for a week’s work experience who wrote about Searching for Symons.


We’ve celebrated Shakespeare’s links with North Devon, and looked at more people, places and events which you can Discover On Our Shelves!

In June we attended the Armed Forces Exhibition at Pilton Community College, and commemorated those who died at the Battle of Dujailah, the Battle of Jutland and the Battle of the Somme including local author H H Munro, better known as Saki. We also took a look into the lives of some of those who fought in the First World War, Fred and Reg Priscott who saw action in Mesopotamia and the Battle of Dujailah, and Mervyn Ninnis who saw action in France.

We celebrated the life of one of our former Librarians, Thomas Wainwright, took a look at An Unusual Landing At Chivenor whilst two of our volunteers found a Parish Register entry which contained a Churchill Connection.

So this was a very brief look at some of the things we discovered and got up to over the last twelve months. Join us in the New Year for a sneak preview into what we have planned in 2017!

…Barum Athena



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