Behind the Scenes…Stocktaking 2020

Every year we close for a fortnight for what has been traditionally called stocktaking. A chance for us to go through our collections to make sure everything is where it should be! It also gives us a chance to carry out larger projects we wouldn’t normally be able to do while we are open to the public.

Our colleagues in the North Devon Record Office managed to squeeze some more shelving into the strongroom, box up some more volumes and did a little rearranging to create more shelf space for new collections on top of that all important stocktaking work!

While the boys were busy working in the strongroom, we helped our colleagues from the Local Studies Library rearrange part of the public space so they could insert some much needed extra shelving. Nearly all of the items in the public area were moved during the fortnight we were closed and as with our Shelving Project a few years ago we definitely had a few “it will get worse before it gets better” moments!

The end result means there is now more space for the library’s ever increasing collections as well as for our visitors. The Indexes to the Memorial Inscriptions and Graveyards have now been moved so they are more accessible, the local parish books are more easily viewable and the pamphlets have been brought back together. Some of the larger and older books have been re-boxed so they are easier to find and handle.

We were also hard at work sorting our collection of graveyard plans, sorting out some new archive collections we have been given in the last year and sorting out some of our book shelving to create space for more items…you might be sensing a theme here!

There were also meetings to discuss some new and exciting projects as well as our next joint event…so watch this space!

…Barum Athena

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