RAF Chivenor Posts You May Have Missed

Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the opening of RAF Chivenor and while the RAF may have moved on, the base is still being used by the military today. We thought we would take a look back at some of the posts we have published over the last 7 years.

The RAF Chivenor Collection

We kick off with a post all about our RAF Chivenor Collection which was first published back in 2017 as we were getting ready to attend the Armed Forces Day event being held on the old airfield.

Rescuing the Rescuers!

Things didn’t always go to plan for the men and women of Chivenor as this post, again from 2017, showed….

Chivenor & the Torrey Canyon

In 1967 Chivenor was to play a key part in the Torrey Canyon affair…

Discover D-Day…On Our Shelves!

Chivenor has played a key role in many major historical events over the years including D-Day…

An Unusual Landing At Chivenor

Perhaps the most well known and re-told stories of Chivenor in World War II is that of the German aricraft which landed there mistaking North Devon for Northern France after flying over the Birstol Channel on its return from a bombing raid…

Armed Forces Day 2017 – RMB Chivenor

We couldn’t leave out our visit to RMB Chivenor for Armed Forces Day in 2017. We spent a wonderful few days out on the old airfield next to the now largely unused runways…

For more stories about Chivenor and the role it has played over the years check out the Chivenor catergory on the Blog which will give you a list of the the post where Chivenor has been mentioned.

…Barum Athena

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