7 Interesting Posts for International Women’s Day

We’ve been taking a look at some of the interesting posts we have written over the years about local women and women’s organisations, here are 7 of our favourite posts to celebrate International Women’s Day

1. The Tale of Ulalia Page

An interesting story in the annuals of Barnstaple’s history is that of Ulalia Page of Plymouth who was sentenced to death for murdering her husband when the Assizes were held in Barnstaple in 1590.

Bishops Tawton Burial Register for 1590 showing the burial entry for Ulalia Page (From the North Devon Record office)

2. The Jewell in Barnstaple’s Crown – Twelve Months of War & the Splendid Work of Barnstaple’s Mayoress

As part of our series of newspaper articles from the First World War comes this piece about the work done by Harriette Ellen Jewell during the first year of the war…

3. The Mystery of Edith Young

On the 22nd July 1919 a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors was called and the directors were gathered in their Board Room in the Athenaeum over-looking the Square.

4. Women in World War One – The Social Standing of Women before the War

The first of two posts about Women in World War One by our assistant librarian, Sandi. This post looks at the social standing of women before the war in 1914.

5. Women in World War One – Women’s War Work and the Women’s Forestry Corps.

In the second of her posts about Women in World War One, Sandi looked at women’s war work and their involvement in the Women’s Forestry Corps.

6. Votes for Women – Suffragettes and the Devon connection with the movement.

Following on from her posts on Women in World War One, Sandi went on to write about the suffragette movement and its Devon Connections.

7. Lumberjills – Women’s Timber Corps in World War II 1942-1946

Reading the first few pages of book Lumberjills – Britain’s Forgotten Army by Joanna Foat I experienced a feeling of déjà vu…

…Barum Athena

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