Welcome to 2017

With a new year come new challenges and changes for the North Devon Athenaeum. Last year the way we work with the North Devon Record Office changed as did the public area we share with them. This year will hopefully see some exciting changes behind the scenes.

We will be closed in early February to enable us to replace some of our outdated shelving which houses our document collections and the North Devon Journal archive. Whilst the area we will be working in may be small the task will be a big one. All of our document collections and newspapers will need to be moved, the old shelving taken out and new archive standard shelving installed. We will then need to move the collections to their new home. The project will enable us to take better care of our collections and may even give a little extra space for new items!


As the focus of this year will be on our document collections and their future we will take the opportunity to explore some of the rich collections and the gems they contain starting with our William Richard Lethaby collection.

We’ll also be looking at more stories from the First World War and interesting articles from the North Devon Journal and North Devon Herald as well as discovering more items from our shelves. It will be another interesting year for us…

…Barum Athena



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